Should you use a Free Blog like or

Should you use a Free Blog like or

Why should you pay money to run a blog when you can go to somewhere like or Surely it makes more sense in these economically troubling times to cut any costs that can be cut while still getting the benefits of it.

To answer that question you need to look at and and the business model they use. If you want more public and open examples look at and All of these offer something for free, wordpress/blogger make it easy for you to write blogs, google gives you free searches, and facebook is a social networking gateway. But they are all businesses, and businesses have expenses and need income. The products offered by google, facebook, wordpress and blogger is YOU. Your blog, your search, your person. You use them to give yourself convenience, and the price of that convenience is that they market you to their advertisers.

This doesn't even consider the fact that just because a service is free now it doesn't mean it always be. What happens if several months down the track wordpress decides to charge you a fee, and if you don't pay you lose your blog and every single article and comment on there? What happens if wordpress itself gets shut down, and your content is lost? What happens if wordpress gets an offer from a competitor to put their ads on your blog?

The only safe way to run a blog is to have complete control over it. To be able to decide what you put on and what you don't. To know for certain that no-one else can influence your blog, and that your clients and readers see what YOU want them to see. Nothing more, Nothing less.

A free blog works fine for an individual, and that is primarily what they are marketed to. But for a business you want the confidence and security that owning your own blog can provide. Otherwise you could put hour after hour into it, only to have that all wasted as you do not own what you have created and instead it becomes monetised by someone else with no interest in helping you.