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Affiliate Programs

One of the best ways to expand your reach to new customers is to offer affiliate programs. These programs are aimed at encouraging other web site operators to advertise your products or services on their sites. Affiliates are encouraged to market your products and services on a profit-sharing basis, as they are paid either on a per lead and/or per sale basis.

How do Affiliate programs work?

Affiliate programs are a profit-sharing relationship between Advertisers and Publishers. The Advertisers have products or services to sell and the Publishers have web sites or email campaigns to reach customers of those products and services.

Why do they work so well?

By making the sale of your products profitable for other web site operators, you encourage them to seek out many more niche areas of your market than you could ever identify or target.Therefore you can increase your reach even further through the clever ideas and marketing campaigns of your affiliates.

How do I start an Affiliate Program?

There are two ways to offer an affiliate program:

  • Join a Program - there are many sites already well established with thousands of registered affiliates that you could join as an advertiser.
    You do not have to keep track of your affiliates and pay them yourself; you simply pay the operators and they handle the distribution of payments. This option has almost no start up costs but you pay a percentage of your affiliate payments to the site.
  • Do It Yourself - you can create your own web interface or there are a number of software packages that can provide the web interface for you. You also have to keep track of the payments to each affiliate and have a method of payment established.

Affiliate Software

If you are planning to run your own affiliates Programs, then we use and recommend iDevAffiliate from iDevDirect

IdevAffiliate works with these products:

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