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Adding Special Hours to your Google Business Profile

Adding Special Hours to your Google Business Profile

With the Labour Day holiday coming up next week (Monday 9th March) it's a good idea to check that your Google My Business listing is showing the correct details of whether your office will be closed for the public holiday.

You should confirm your hours for public holidays, even if they are the same as your regular hours. This way your customers will know if your office is open or closed on any given public holiday.

NOTE:  These hours can only be updated if you already have your regular hours set in your Google My Business Listing.

How to set special hours

  1. Sign in to Google My Business
  2. Click Info in the left menu

    Google My Business left menu highlight Info
  3. Then click on "edit" (the pencil icon) under your Regular Hours list

    Google My Business Edit Hours highlighted
  4. Next to the upcoming public holiday click the button to Choose "Closed" or set the hours if you will  be open.

    Google My Business Set Special Hours popup
  5. You can set upcoming public holidays, as well as add new dates that are special for your business.

Now your Google My Business listing will show your customers the hours that your office will be closed.

If you need any help with managing or claiming your Google My Business listing you can contact us.

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