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Australian Society of Building Consultants New Membership Website

Australian Society of Building Consultants New Membership Website

The Australian Society of Building Consultants (ASBC) - Vic chapter is a professional organisation representing building consultants in Victoria. To enhance its online presence and streamline membership management, ASBC - Vic required a modern website with features that facilitate easy navigation, online membership applications, and member self-management.


Modern Design: Create a visually appealing, user-friendly website.

Easy Navigation: Ensure that all information is easily accessible.

Online Membership Applications: Allow potential members to apply and pay for memberships online.

Member Self-Management: Enable members to manage their details and directory listings.

The new website for ASBC - Vic features a modern, professional homepage, quick links Become a Member and Members Directory as well as important sections and a feed of their upcoming event. The "About Us" section provides information about ASBC - Vic, including its role, members, meetings and committee. 

A secure member login area allows members to manage their details, and the members directory enables the public to find member profiles. The website will features their regular "Events" section with information about upcoming events and the ability to book and pay for these online.

The development of the new website for ASBC - Vic will significantly enhance their online presence, streamline membership processes, and provide better service to their members and the public. By focusing on modern design, easy navigation, and robust membership management features, the new website will serve as a valuable tool for the organisation’s growth and engagement.

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