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COVID-19 and Business

COVID-19 and Business

WEB IDEAS is committed to supporting our clients and community throughout this time of business disruption and change.

Our focus is on supporting our staff, clients and wider community to stay healthy and connected, whilst looking for opportunities to take your business online and in different directions.

No doubt you are keeping across the health situation and are looking at contingency plans to run your business. We are uniquely placed to assist – where are the opportunities for your business and what more can you do online?

Your website can be used in a variety of ways and we can discuss potential avenues with you. Have you considered moving your business into these sorts of areas? 

  • online learning 
  • online booking 
  • demonstration videos 
  • online quoting 
  • online shopping 
  • catalogue and sales 

Here are examples from some of our clients – what will work for you? 

www.liqcon.com.au – deliver Liquor Licensing training via Webinars, with online bookings and meeting RTO Standards 

www.thetutoringcompany.com.au/online-tutoring - online tutoring options for students around Australia 

www.cgib.com.au – online quoting for insurance with interactive questions; connection to brokers where further information is required 

www.bbqsrus.com.au – online purchasing of BBQ products including Outdoor Kitchens, with a manufacturing base in Australia. 

So many of us are firmly focused on face-to-face interactions – it is the best way to connect and a website is frequently designed to foster that personal connection, especially with Trades and Service Businesses. Some things have to be delivered in person, such as an electrician fixing the lights, but there are usually components that can be brought online to smooth the overall experience. Maybe it is time to take another look at the Calls to Action on your website and swing them towards online solutions.

Want to talk through your options? Call us on 03 8873 0000.  


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