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Have you registered your .au domain?

Have you registered your au direct domain name

The Priority Allocation time period to register .au domains is coming to an end on the 20th of September, leaving your .au domain name open to be poached. Don’t let this happen!

Why should I register my .au domain?

Because it’s a shorter namespace they will no doubt become very popular. Additionally, they have more relaxed requirements for registration so anyone with ANY connection to Australia can register. They do NOT need an ABN and they do NOT need to be directly associated with your business name or business type, as is the case for a .com.au. This makes it easy for you to register new domains but also means your domain name can easily be registered by competitors or domain poachers once the Priority Allocation Period ends.

Who are domain poachers?

Domain poachers are also known as Cybersquatters. They are people who will look for .com.au domains with active websites that don’t have the .au registered and will register it instead. Once they have this domain name they can do anything they want with it, which can damage your brand. Their goal is to get you to purchase your .au domain from them at an exorbitant rate.

How do I register a .au domain?

Web Ideas can do this on your behalf. Simply Contact Us OR call us on 03 8873 0000 and let us know the .au domains you want to register. If they are exact copies of the ones we currently manage for you, then tell us this – we have a list! We will confirm with you and ensure your interest in the .au domain has been registered.

How much does it cost?

$66 for 2 years, per domain. This is our regular domain price and includes redirection to your website domain, where your hosting is with us.   

Want to know more?

Australian Domains are controlled by AUDA – the .au Domain Administration body. Here is some more detailed information about the .au process.

Contact Us OR call on 03 8873 0000 with any questions – we are always happy to help.

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