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Mideast Radiators & Regas Your Car

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Mideast Radiators & Car Air Con Regas is a trusted name in the automotive industry, specialising in radiator repairs and car air conditioning services. When they approached us to revamp their online presence, we eagerly took on the challenge.

The existing website was outdated and lacked visual appeal. Our goal was to create a modern, user-friendly website design that aligned with the company's professional image. We aimed to improve the overall user experience by making information more accessible and ensuring easy navigation for visitors seeking their services. 

We started by giving the website a fresh look with a contemporary design, incorporating high-quality images that showcased their services and facilities. To enhance user experience and SEO, we restructured the content and made it more concise and informative. We ensured that key information, such as services offered and contact details, were easily accessible. With our content management system this content is easily updated and added to over time.

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