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Redesign of Illusions Flyscreens & Security Doors

Illusion Flyscreens website on laptop and mobile view

The redesign of the Illusion Flyscreens & Security Doors website was primarily focused on enhancing its search engine optimisation (SEO) and overall user experience. 

The strategy was to introduce dedicated landing pages, each meticulously tailored to target specific customer needs and search queries. This approach not only aimed to boost the site's visibility on search engines but also to make navigation intuitive for users, ensuring they find the information they need more efficiently. By analysing key metrics and employing current SEO best practices, the redesign sought to improve the site's ranking, drawing more organic traffic and encouraging longer engagement times from visitors.

The implementation of dedicated landing pages was a critical component in the redesign process. Each page was optimised for both performance and relevance, with content specifically designed to address the interests and queries of potential customers. 

The landing pages featured streamlined, user-friendly designs that facilitated easy access to information about products like retractable flyscreens and security doors, accompanied by clear calls to action. 

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