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Using the Web Ideas Helpdesk

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When you have an issue or changes that you want made to your website it is most effective for you to contact Web Ideas through our Helpdesk system and you will hear back from us faster than emailing a specific employee.

Advantages of the Helpdesk

There are multiple advantages to contacting the Web Ideas Helpdesk when you have an issue with your website.

  • Our Helpdesk is monitored as a priority so we will have faster response times.
  • Multiple employees check the Helpdesk so that even if one person is out of the office for the day your email will still be received and actioned.
  • Your issue or change will be properly assigned to the employee who will be the best at actioning your specific request.
  • The Helpdesk allows us, and you, to track the progress of your issue so that we can ensure your request gets seen through to completion.

Why you would contact the Helpdesk

Our Helpdesk should be your first port of call for:

  • Any issues you are having with your website
  • Changes or updates that you would like made to your website
  • If you have forgotten how to edit something on your website
  • If you need to reset your logins

How to contact the Helpdesk

There are a few ways to contact the Helpdesk:

Your website is an integral part of your business… it IS your online business. We aim to provide you with the best support possible so that maintaining your website and online presence is a breeze.

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