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Be the Problem Magnet: Write Content That Solves Your Clients' Problems

Internet Search

What problem does your client have?

Whatever it is, they are looking for a solution online.

Think about it - when you have a problem yourself, what do you type into Google? That’s exactly what your client is doing.

Attract problems, so you can solve them.

So two questions for you:

  • On your website, do you have the exact words your potential client is typing in to describe their problem? Google does word-matching to find the best website match for any given search – you want that to be you. Page headings and blog titles are a great way to add this specific content to your website.
  • Does your website TALK directly to your potential client about their problem and how you solve it? Paint a success story – describe the problem and the outcome you delivered.

Think about your target client and WHY they are on your website. They are there for a reason – are you answering this need?

We can help you craft content that talks to your clients. See our content writing services or Contact us or Call us on (03) 8873-0000 for a chat.

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