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Why you need a Call To Action on all your webpages

Download, Subscribe, Add to Cart website call to action buttons

Imagine - your ideal client is on your website and they see you fix their problem. They think you may be a good fit for them.  So what do they do next?


The guaranteed way to improve your action rate is to TELL them to do something – anything! 

It is amazing how many people do just as they are told, such as:

  • book now
  • download
  • call
  • request a quote
  • buy
  • sign up

Don’t imply, don’t ask, be blatantly blunt and TELL them what to do next.  By making this a logical next step for your ideal client, you encourage them to continue engaging with you.

Here are some examples of webpages which clearly tell their visitors what to do:

1. Get a quote

CGIB Insurance has a 'get a quote now' button on all key product pages. 

Webpage highlighting 'Get a Quote' box

2. Add to cart

Livos Australia use prominent yellow 'Add to cart' buttons on their product pages. 

Buy Now Button

3. Sign-up

Braza encourage visitors to subscribe to their newsletter with a 'subscribe' button on the homepage.

Webpage with Sign-up as a call to action

Review your Call to Action on each and every page of your website.  Is it clear?  Is it logical?  Is it the correct next step for your client?

Remember – telling someone HOW to do business with you is very reassuring and encourages exactly that. 

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