Why it's important to display your phone number on your website

Woman working on computer and talking on phone

I know – it sounds counter-intuitive, but think about it.  An Australian number flags you as a local business, willing to connect with your local clients.  It elevates trust above international sites, where only online interactions are possible.

TOP TIP – Make sure your phone number is prominent on your website

It's still surprising how frequently you can’t find contact details on a website.  The feedback we consistently get from our clients is how much credibility a phone number gives and how convenient it is for clients to contact you directly.  It positions you as a ‘Real’ business and frequently a local business – always important online.

This applies equally to shops and services.  Your clients will gather the key information they want from your website and simply ring to check an extra detail or complexity.  The calls you get are well-informed and give you the opportunity to close the sale.

ACTION – Put your phone number in your website Power Corner – that’s top right in the banner. 

Website homepage with phone number displayed 

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