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Would your website benefit from adding gift vouchers?

Woman opening a gift voucher in a red bow

Does your business provide people with great holiday gifts through packages and gift vouchers? Is it easy for people to purchase these amazing deals on your website? It can be.

An Introduction to Our Gift Vouchers

With our customised online shopping platform we are able to set up online gift vouchers for your customers to purchase for use online or instore. This process automates the creation of gift vouchers for you so you can just set it up and forget about it.

This is available to all existing customers who have a payment gateway already set up. If you would like to add gift vouchers to your site but don’t already have a payment gateway contact us today to enquire about adding one.

All of our gift vouchers have the following features:

  • Branded to match your business (we don’t use generic templates that could belong to any business)
  • Ability to set an expiration date for the voucher
  • Auto-Generation of a unique validation code
  • Generation of a printable PDF for the customer

Extra Features of Our Gift Vouchers

The following are extra features that we can include for your Holiday Vouchers:

  • Personally selected Imagery to match the holiday and your brand (two completely different brands will have different images for the same holiday)
  • “Enter an Amount” gift vouchers OR “Set Price Package” gift vouchers
  • Choose if your customer sees the value of the voucher package on the printable customer copy. This is great for gifts.

Benefits of Our Gift Vouchers

There is evidence to suggest that ALL business types can benefit from offering a gift voucher to customers with some of the benefits being:

Increased sales 

Approximately 72% of people spend more than the value of the gift card

New customers

A Gift Voucher is a recommendation that is risk free for the new customer. When they use the gift card they will decide if they like you enough to continue using your service

Increased brand awareness

With a branded voucher your customers are spreading your brand around to all the friends and family they gift your voucher to. People who otherwise wouldn’t hear of your business are getting your business in their mind.

Extra holiday revenue

Gift vouchers are cited as the #1 requested gift (being the preferred present of 61% of people) so sales get a boost in holiday seasons including: Valentine's Day; Mother’s Day; Father’s Day; and Christmas

If you think that your business could benefit from Gift Vouchers or Holiday Packages contact us today with us to discuss adding them to your website.

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